The landscape for healthcare suppliers has changed. The mounting costs of research and development, strategic sales initiatives, and access to decision makers is slowing innovation, limiting opportunity and restricting growth.

Few strategic innovations have been introduced to improve the costs associated with these processes…until now.


The Clinician Exchange is a professional-sourcing software-based service that algorithmically connects healthcare suppliers with the expertise of clinicians such as physicians, nurses, and technologists from across the country to provide clinical support services for any R&D initiative or sales activity.

Research and Development / Regulatory-Focused Engagements:

  • Clinical product trials
  • Human factors trials
  • Expert opinion/testimony

Sales and Marketing-Focused Engagements:

  • New product/service launches
  • Product training
  • New customer conversions
  • Product alerts/recalls
  • Addressing customer complaints
  • Presentations to hospital/value-analysis committees
  • Market research/Focus groups
  • Support in regions with limited corporate representation

Register your company with The Clinician Exchange and immediately begin to put our smart software to work for you. 

  • Instant Scalability:  The Clinician Exchange can provide you with an instant resource multiplier for any sales and marketing activity, R&D research need, or regulatory trial protocol
  • On-Demand Variable Sourcing:  Engage The Clinician Exchange and their experts only when you need them.  Pay for only what you use. Instantly scale your budget to the needs of today.
  • Cost-Effective:  No more time or money spent on recruiting and hiring.  Reduce travel costs by finding clinical experts somewhere close to where you need them.  Reduce training costs because… well… they’re already experts…
  • Customization:  The Clinician Exchange can provide a customized clinical support solution to meet your short and/or long-term needs.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach that will work for every organization and every situation
  • Efficient:  Turn on The Clinician Exchange when you need support. Turn it off when you’re done.  No waste.  No excess.
  • Informatics:  Gain unparalleled insight into your customers, products and procedures. 



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